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Cleaning & Viral Disinfecting

Life is better with a sanitized home or business.

Prevent The Spread of Germs

HoneyFyx is doing its part to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We offer solutions for Residential & Commercial viral disinfecting.

Our solutions can prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Below you can find more information about these options to help you make your selection on the best option for your home and/or business.

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ULV Sanitizing Fog

HoneyFyx_cleaning for coronavirus_Sanitizing fog

The ULV Sanitizing process allows you to return to your home and/or business 10 minutes after fogging is complete. While providing hospital-grade and virucidal protection for homes or businesses.

This is our most popular and economical option for residential & commercial viral disinfecting. ULV "Ultra Low Volume" foggers atomize our EPA-registered disinfectant to extremely fine particles (20-35 micron droplets), making it highly effective for disinfection.

This option is for homes & businesses recently cleaned and/or who participate in frequent cleaning with EPA Approved Disinfectants. ULV Sanitizing combined with regular cleaning effectively sanitizes porous and disinfects non-porous materials.

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Deep Cleaning with Fog

HoneyFyx_coronavirus restaurant closures_Sanitization

The most effective option for viral disinfecting is deep cleaning combined with ULV Sanitizing Fog. This option is available to help our clients clean all surfaces & contents in their home or business.

Our EPA Trusted Disinfectants are government-registered to kill 99.99% of germs. More information can be found below.

More Information

What We Sanitize

Schools (daycares, elementary schools, high schools, etc,)

Homes (houses, apartments, vrbos, etc.)

Community Spaces (churches, venues, arenas, etc.)

Automobiles (cars, trucks, rvs, etc.)

Public Transporation Hubs (airports, buses, train stations, etc.)

Over 130 Organism Kill Claims

Including: Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19), Human Coranavirus, E-Coil, Herpes Virus, Hepatitis B & C, HIV-AIDS, Influenza A, B, & C, Shigella, Staphylococcus, Measles, Canine Coronavirus, Canine Distemper, etc.


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