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Why is Roof Maintenance Important?

As a Roofing Expert, we know the importance of annual roof maintenance and why homeowners save money when their roofs are maintained properly.

Like many things around your home your roof also requires annual maintenance. However, unlike your furnace that makes strange noises or fails to produce heat letting you know right away that there is a problem. Your roof can fail with no warning and when it does it can cause interior water damage or even worse mold in your attic.

The number one reason a roof leaks unexpectedly is due to improper installation. Unfortunately, when a roof leak is discovered is when you see unsightly water stains on your ceiling.

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Common Roof Leak Causes:

Missing / Broken Roof Shingles.
Failing Rubber / Plastic Roof Penetration Pipe Flashing.
Missing Drip Edge.
Debris Buildup In Roof Valleys.
Exposed Roofing Nails.

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Why Hire HoneyFyx To Perform Your Roof Maintenance

  • They Want To Help You

    They are the roofing experts who want to help you even when you do not need a new roof.

  • Experienced Roofing Experts

    HoneyFyx's roofing experts have years of experience along with formal training and certifications to provide you with a higher level of service.

  • Save Money

    Routine roof maintenance can help increase the life of your roof. Consequently, saving you money on costly roof repairs or replacements.

  • Trusted By Your Neighbors

    Finally, They are a roofing company who's goal is to recieve 5 Star Reviews & A+ Ratings from all of their customers. As a result, they have excellent reviews on these web pages. BBB, Google, Facebook.

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What's Included In Our Roof Maintenance

A thorough roof inspection of your roof along with the application of roofing sealant as needed at all flashings & exposed fasteners to prevent any future roof leaks or stop any current roof leaks. During your roof inspection, a roofing expert will be inspecting your roof for loose shingles, exposed fasteners, failing pipe flashings, etc...

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FAQS About Roof Maintance

Roofing Maintenance takes 1 - 2 hours to perform and should be performed annually.

You're in luck we can also perform any roof repairs that you may need. Typically all within the same week or even sometimes on the same day.

Annually, The average cost of Roof Maintenance is only $188