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How Can You Help?..

Covid-19 _ How Can you help those who are out of work?

Lately, it seems that our FaceBook news feeds have been filled with posts about those whose employment has been affected by the Coronavirus Covid-19. Thousands are currently temporarily out of work and without a paycheck.

Here is how you can help?

First, start by making a list of things you need help with. Here are just a few that we can up with.

  • Office Cleaning
  • Social Media Management
  • Blog Writing
  • Vlogs

Next, call your local restaurant(s), introduce yourself and inform the manager that you have work for anyone in search of supplemental income during this time. In this scenario, we are choosing blog writing.

Side Note: The staff working at these restaurants are typically college students and know how to write.

In the meanwhile put a list of topics you want blogs written on. Along with a list of relevant keywords to your industry.

Next, determine your budget per blog and your lifetime budget. Example: $5/Blog with a lifetime budget of $100. This means you will get 20 written blogs for $100.

Once you have chosen someone to write blogs. Instruct them to write the blogs in a word document and email them to you for review. Once you approve pay them accordingly.

Now the next step you have to post them to your website and add 1-2 photos to the blog. Instructions on how to do so can be found on many website building platforms or youtube.

Hope This Helps

– Chris